vitruvian aboriginal


Trade visit to China

A brief history of Risk Visualisation

Hallucigenia sparsa

un bon croquis

Irish tramp satyr

visual variables

wikipedia: software assistance

graphical aids to understanding Go




Just what is it...?

painting by Richard Hamilton

Flatford Mill 1200.

painting by Constable

φιλίαι δὲ ἰσχυραί

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Eyetracking game

Jonathan Chetwynd

bacchus and ariadne
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Jonathan Chetwynd


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Working at Home
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1 hunting scene Johnson, T., Rabinowitz, H., Sieff, P., Rock-paintings of the South-West Cape
2 trade visit Stefan Rousseau AP
3 Hallucigenia sparsa Smithsonian
4 Irish tramp Don McCullin
4 satyr A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd, London
5 visual variables Jacques Bertin
9 Just what is it...? Tate
10 Flatford Mill Tate
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