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Pinocchio's Nose: DGI 2012

aka "Forecasting conflict and communicating with non-combatants"

A talk on combining various complex data sets in a single dialogic visualisation as photo-real images, where each feature represents data.

pdf notes for the talk, and a slideshow or two, Bank of England lunchtime talk, & CLSG
please use Firefox 13 and an xga screen 1024x768,
a transcript.

In 2001 I conceived, designed, managed and raised £150,000 from The Big Lottery match funded by Lambeth College and Wandsworth Borough
and working together with people with learning disabilities we created peepo to have fun browsing the web

Not Alphago but you can play 围棋   바둑   囲碁 WeiQi, Baduk or Go with hints, comments and maps to improve your game, enable MCTS and other features using golden key.
Wikipedia article on software assistance referencing this work.
site stats by player and country as image of sea urchins.
MCTS risk-analyses visualisation.
visual variables after Jacques Bertin: compare rain with sad,
in each case note the significance of position of graphic symbols in maps.

Other projects of interest:
ION is a new way of seeing.
the Picameral Eyetracker cIED.
Tutorial code examples: Verilog for iCE40HX8K & openGLES3.0 for Raspberry Pi.
Brooklands a small piece of Paradise.
Communication with symbols: from the web to the internet and beyond, Journal of Assistive Technologies, Vol. 2 Iss: 3, pp.32 - 36